5 Reasons to Take Family Dinner Back with Champs Chicken

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5 Reasons to Take Family Dinner Back with Champs Chicken

Take Back Family Dinner Night…

Nightly family meals were once one of the staples of a typical American family. Not anymore. Our constant on-the-go lifestyle has many of us grabbing at bite to eat when we can and usually alone. This could be harming our entire family. Science has shown that family meals can improve the mental health of adolescents and protect them from cyberbullying.

Still, to many people, the idea of cooking a family meal is stressful and simply impossible. You barely have time to eat, how are you going to cook and get everyone together?

Champs family meals via family boxes could the perfect answer for your family get together… Here’s 5 reasons why!

Champs Chicken Family Dinner Boxes

1. High-quality protein at a great price

Let’s face it, no one has time to make a great dinner and that’s where the Champs family boxes and added sides come in. You get a delicious serving of juicy, hand-breaded chicken tenders that your family craves for a great price. Our 8 or 12 piece chicken tender meals (or as many as you want) will fill up your family and don’t forget our great dipping sauces (sold separately from family boxes).


2. Your family will love the taste

Our chicken tenders are marinated, juicy and delicious. They are each freshly breaded with our proven double-breading, batter method. There’s a reason these tenders are our signature items. It’s because they are too tender to resist! Grab a family box of chicken tenders and trust us, your family will love it!

3. Convenient and quick

Maybe one of the biggest aspects of grabbing a family box on your way home is that it’s easy to quickly grab a family dinner at your local Champs (find your local Champs Chicken here). Instead of making sure you have food at home, getting everything prepared and then cooking your meal, you let us do the cooking and you spend the time enjoying it with your family. It’s all about us taking the hassle out of a family dinner so you can spend it being with your family!

4. Quick cleanup

5 Reasons to Take Family Dinner Back with Champs ChickenWhere there is no cooking there is no massive dinner post-dinner kitchen cleaning! Pop any leftovers you have in the fridge, wash the plates and that is it. It takes the post-dinner hassle out of the equation and allows you to relax and enjoy your night!

5. Great leftovers

One perk of getting a family box is that if you have any leftovers, which we highly doubt you will, you can create some yummy creations with them! From chicken tender wraps to croissant sandwiches, there really are endless possibilities. Get started with these two awesome recipes – click here.


Well, it’s officially time…It’s time to take family dinner night back! Stop by your local Champs and pick up a family box today – your family will thank you for it!

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