Quick Recipe: Chicken Wrap

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Champs Chicken Recipe

There’s nothing better than sharing a delicious meal with your family… That’s why Champs Chicken family boxes are the perfect family meal. These family boxes stuffed with tenders and sides are a great way to feed the whole family, but sometimes you may have a few tenders leftover! We have you covered!

Check out this awesome Champs Chicken recipe you can try tonight to keep on rockin’ your tastebuds with Champs!


ChampStix Chicken Skewer

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ChampStix chicken skewer

ChampStix from Champs Chicken is a proprietary, 100-percent breast meat chicken skewer. The product, skewered on a 10-inch stick, is battered, breaded, fried to a golden crisp and then dipped into a pan of a rich, warm, glazing sauce. Champs Chicken retailers are equipped with a commercial, three-well, sauce-warming station for this very purpose, according to Pro Food Systems. ChampStix are initially available in three flavor profiles: Orange Zing, a spicy mandarin sauce; Southern Heat BBQ sauce; and Champs Chicken’s award-winning Teriyaki sauce. More flavor options are to come. The retail price point per skewer is under $3.

Recently featured on csnews.com read the original story here: http://www.csnews.com/product-categories/foodservice/champstix?cc=4


Pro Food Systems Celebrates on National Fried Chicken Day

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To celebrate National Fried Chicken Day Monday, July 6th, the Senior Leadership Team at Pro Food Systems cooked and served lunch for all employees.  Pro Food Systems (PFS) is the parent company of Champs Chicken and Cooper’s Express.  With over 700 branded locations currently across 36 states, PFS continues its rapid growth – giving big reasons to celebrate this fitting day.


“I contribute our remarkable growth to the people who work here and the great culture we have created,” said Shawn Burcham, CEO of Pro Food Systems.  “This was a great opportunity for me to give back to our employees and show my appreciation for all their hard work.  We truly have a great team here.”


Burcham also noted plans to end 2015 with 15 new positions and another 15 in 2016.  PFS expects to continue growing by 20% – 30% for the next 10-20 years.  While a key goal is to provide only the highest quality foods at reasonable prices, service is the top focus for all PFS brands.


“What makes Pro Food Systems and all of our brands stand out, is the fanatical customer service we provide.  This is critical to our growth and long term success,” added Burcham.  “One of our guiding principles is to develop enthusiastically satisfied customers 100% of the time.”


The PFS employees were the ones receiving the fanatical service though on National Fried Chicken Day.  Senior Leadership Team members serving food included:  Shawn Burcham, CEO; Trevor Monnig, CFO; Darrell Hale, VP-Equipment Division; Carla Dowden, VP-Human Resources; Carl Christenson, VP-Marketing; and Brock Blaise, VP-Operations.

Champs Chicken – Your Partner for Foodservice Success

On May 22, 2015 in Industry Coverage

Duck Thru

There are numerous advantages to branded food programs in convenience stores, specifically our flagship program, Champs Chicken ®. We are honored to be included in a Convenience Store News exclusive cover story alongside industry veterans such as Subway, Papa John’s and Dunkin Donuts.

Click below to read the full story and see why our brand recognition, training, ongoing marketing support, and foodservice expertise make a difference in your Champs Chicken locations which ultimately translates into increased sales and profits!

Click HERE to read the full story

PFSbrands Launches New Equipment Division Dedicated to the Needs of Supermarkets and C-stores

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While PFSbrands™ has long experienced excellent success in the equipment market segment, the new division further elevates the company’s emphasis on commercial kitchen equipment. The ever-increasing demands for this type of equipment has developed as a result of the rapid-growth trend in hot food programs, which deliver some of the highest profit margins available now to supermarket and c-store operators.

In keeping with PFSbrands focus on extreme customer support, the Equipment Division will make available hands-on, in-store training without charge on brand-name equipment procured through the company. Using this customer-centric, value-add approach, the division will develop the levels of support necessary for its retail customers to take advantage of operational practices, which will lead to improved food quality and efficiencies for their deli and kitchen areas.

The new division will be headed up by industry veteran, Darrell Hale, who will have full responsibility for its end-to-end operations. In his 14-years’ tenure at Pro Food Systems, Hale has led the company’s supply of equipment (e.g. hotcases, auto-lift fryers, breading tables, combi-ovens, convection ovens, warmers, hot sandwich sliders and more) to well over 3,000 supermarkets and c-stores. We even offer custom blending, custom fish breading and other specialized breading!

“Our field team and I will continue to assist retailers in 4 primary ways: 1) selecting the right equipment to maximize their ROI, 2) optimizing layout for kitchen and deli areas, 3) teaching efficient operational procedures, and 4) troubleshooting equipment as issues arise,” said Hale, who was named Vice President for the Equipment Division. “We are excited about raising our service levels yet again by the planned launch in 45 days of our new e-commerce site for foodservice equipment. While we will continue to emphasize personalized support, the new site will supply c-store and supermarket operators with instant 24×7 access to equipment information, specs, pricing and ordering capability.”

Pro Food Systems gearing up for greater growth in 2015

On January 30, 2015 in General

Pro Food Systems gearing up for greater growth in 2015
New CFO & VPs announced to help lead expansion efforts

HOLTS SUMMIT, Mo. – Pro Food Systems, best known for its flagship brand Champs Chicken, continued the company’s remarkable growth streak in 2014. Pro Food Systems was founded in 1998 and just completed its’ 16th full year in business.  Over the past 5 years, Pro Food Systems (PFS) has achieved an average annual revenue growth rate of 24% with its supermarket and convenience store customers.  Shawn Burcham, CEO of Pro Food Systems, indicates that his team is not slowing down.  With the acquisition of the Cooper’s Express brand in 2014, and continued focus on improving the Champs Chicken brand, Burcham indicates that Pro Food Systems is positioned for even greater growth in 2015.

“We laid the ground work in 2014 to prepare for several major initiatives being implemented this year,” said Burcham.  “The biggest reason for our consistent success can be credited to the outstanding team of people we have assembled that are dedicated to the success of our customers.  To continuously scale up a rapidly growing company, we must have the right people in place to take us to the next level, including our Senior Leadership Team. As a result, we have rapidly expanded this team to include a new CFO and 4 new VP positions.”

Trevor Monnig accepted the critical new position of CFO.  Monnig served as CFO for the last 11 years with a manufacturing and distribution company in the Midwest where he led Accounting, Purchasing, IT, HR and Marketing.  

Among the new VP positions, Dave Yarbrough was promoted to VP of Field Operations in January and now leads a retailer support team of Regional Managers, Territory Managers and Corporate Trainers working from coast to coast.  Following a 19-year stint at a multinational consumer goods company, Brock Blaise accepted the newly created position of VP of Operations at Pro Food Systems.  Blaise assumed responsibility for both Logistics and Warehousing.  13-year PFS veteran, Darrell Hale, was announced as the new VP of Purchasing & Customer Support.  Former PFS Director of Human Resources, Carla Dowden, was also promoted to Vice President of Human Resources in late 2014.

Including the leadership expansion, PFS grew its staff overall by nearly 25% last year.  “I believe we are now better positioned to accelerate our growth for 2015,” said Burcham.  “Our committed retailers can expect lower food costs and even more support from our corporate team to help them grow their sales and profits.”

Carla Dowden named VP of HR for Pro Food Systems

On November 13, 2014 in News

Pro Food Systems has been driving in the fast lane several years now, expanding rapidly and continuously being ranked by INC. Magazine as one of the Fastest Growing Privately-Held Companies in the USA.  The biggest driver of this growth is their top hot food program, Champs Chicken.  With the number of stores rapidly increasing across the country, Pro Food Systems (PFS) had to quickly expand in many areas including personnel.  In November 2010, Carla Dowden was hired part-time to help with HR.  Within 30 days, she was offered full-time employment, and now is heading a full HR department as Vice President of Human Resources.

“Carla has been instrumental in the growth of this company by hiring numerous team members all across the country and helping to shape the culture of PFS,” said CEO Shawn Burcham.  “Our team and culture here at PFS is what really makes us stand out from other companies.   Not only do we have top quality products, but we have a stellar team behind them.  We go the extra mile to truly invest in the right team members by providing them with the resources needed to succeed personally and professionally.  We have a very extensive hiring process to ensure that we bring on the right people and Carla has really done an amazing job here.”

PFS now has a total of 93 employees working across the country.  This number will keep climbing as the Champs Chicken program, the Cooper’s Express program, and other PFS brands and product sales continue to grow.  A key contributor to the success of the PFS brands is that each store receives individual and ongoing support.  PFS has team members in each region that work hand-in-hand with stores to ensure that their hot food program is successful and profitable.  Champs Chicken franchisees also earn marketing development funds through PFS while receiving advertising support from the 10-person marketing team at the PFS headquarters.

“PFS is truly in a great position right now and we expect 2015 to be a record growth year for us.  With Carla a part of our Senior Leadership team and leading our HR department, we plan to move full speed ahead,” said Burcham.

KLIK Jefferson City Business Showcase

On October 29, 2014 in Industry Coverage

Interview with Pro Food Systems CEO, Shawn Burcham, and KLIK radio personality, Mike Cooper. Originally aired October 26, 2014.

Profiting With Poultry

On September 26, 2014 in Industry Coverage

C-store operators who put out a good quality chicken product might see their foodservice business fly higher.

By Marilyn Odesser-Torpey, Associate Editor – Convenience Store Decisions

At the Arthur, Ill. location of Jack Flash Convenience Stores, chicken accounts for about 60% of foodservice sales, said John Herrmann, district supervisor for the 11-unit, Effingham, Ill.-based chain. The store also offers a branded pizza program and grab-and-go sandwiches.

Jack Flash did not have a chicken offering in any of its stores until 2012, when it purchased a convenience store that had a Champs Chicken program in place. Sales were okay, but the former owner did not put much effort into running it.

“The product selection and hours the chicken was available were very limited,” Herrmann said.

Management at Jack Flash saw a lot of potential in the program, so when the company tore down the store, rebuilt it and revamped its operations, including foodservice, last year, it kept the Champs program.

“We thought the product was of such a high quality and the program was so easy to run that we were confident we could really make something of it,” Herrmann explained. “All of the chicken for the Champs program is breaded, battered and fried in-store, so customers know they are getting the freshest product.”

Since the reopening of the Arthur store, chicken sales have consistently increased. Jack Flash plans to put the Champ’s program in its new St. Joseph, Ill. store, scheduled to open in early November. The company also plans to retrofit two existing stores, so it can offer the program, and when it opens two more stores next year, one will offer Champs Chicken.

The wave that Jack Flash is riding reflects the purchasing habits of most consumers as chicken sales continue to grow, according to recent research.

In the National Chicken Council survey, consumers said they ate chicken an average of six times during the two-week period prior to the survey, compared to a little more than five times during a like period in 2012.

Also, Millennial respondents (ages 18-34) are the most likely to eat chicken meals or snacks frequently.

In addition, 24% of consumers said they intend to increase their chicken consumption over the next 12 months. One in five said they are likely to buy more chicken at restaurants and other foodservice establishments.


One major change Jack Flash made in the Arthur store was to relocate the chicken hot display case.

“Originally, we had our foodservice off to the side, separate from the registers, so customers would have to go to the foodservice counter, order their food, then go to the front cash register to pay. That meant standing in two lines to get food,” Herrmann said. “Our lunch hour is crazy busy, so that became a real problem.”

To alleviate the problem, the company moved the chicken service so it is now next to the cash register. During busy times, a store associate mans the case to expedite orders and keep things moving quickly. Store associates make sure that the case is filled with fresh product all day. Herrmann noted that since moving the case nearer to the registers, he is seeing more impulse purchasing of chicken tenders, dippers, bites and gizzards and livers even beyond the lunch rush.

“Customers see the chicken and they can’t resist it,” Herrmann said. “These products are also easy to take out and eat on the road.”

Jack Flash hopes to even further increase its chicken sales, especially bone-in family and value meals, when it launches a campaign of newspaper ads and direct mail.

“We want to boost our evening and weekend business,” Herrmann said. “So far, we’ve been running on word of mouth and we think, with the right promotion, we can build the business during those times. We think we can sell much more of the eight- and 12-piece family meals after church on Sundays.” … Click here to read full story

Pro Food Systems official motor vehicle fire statement

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Pro Food Systems official motor vehicle fire statement


At 2:45 a.m. Wednesday morning, two tractor trailers parked at the loading dock of the Pro Food Systems (PFS) warehouse caught fire.   Because of the joint efforts of many local workers and volunteers, there was no major structural damage to the 65,000 sq. ft. building.  There was only minor damage to the face of the building at the loading docks and no equipment or products were damaged inside the structure.  Both trucks and trailers were a complete loss.  PFS is fully operational, receiving and distributing as normal.

“We are thankful that there was no one in the trucks or warehouse at the time of the fire and there were no injuries,” reported Shawn Burcham, CEO of Pro Food Systems.  “We want to offer our most sincere thanks to the community for calling in the report and for all of their continued support.  We also want to thank the Holts Summit and Callaway County law enforcement agencies for responding so quickly and acknowledge the great work done by the Holts Summit Fire Protection District and community volunteers in containing the fire quickly. Without this rapid response there is no doubt that more significant damage would have occurred.”

The cause of the fire is still unknown.  Security footage shows the fire originated in one truck which then ignited the second truck, spreading back through its trailer toward the loading dock.  Burcham indicated that there is no foul play suspected but a full investigation is underway.  There is no further information at this time.

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