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On July 12th, 2021, we officially passed our 23rd year in business. For over two decades now, the Champs Chicken family has served our guests with the best fried chicken possible. Today, we are here to celebrate our rich history of growth, dedication to our guests’ satisfaction, and delivering the best chicken at every opportunity.

Where We Came From and Where We Are Now

Champs Chicken started in 1999, founded by the legendary Shawn and Julie Burcham. Our mission of exceeding guest expectations and providing absolutely delicious food started with a single location and a single employee. Our staff grew from a single employee to many in the years to come, with locations popping up in multiple states. By 2021, Champs Chicken has spread from coast to coast across 40+ states, with well over 100 staff members helping our guests.

Our company name sprang to life in a garage and quickly moved out to a nearly 100,000 square foot national headquarters in Holts Summit, MO. Year 1, Champs Chicken brought in a humble yearly revenue of $100k. By 2018, that number swelled to over $67 million.

We owe our success to our guests, the support of PFSbrands, and the incredible dedication and non-stop enthusiasm of our staff. Thank you all for helping us deliver exceptional customer service and the best chicken this country could hope for.

The Mouth-Watering Food the Brought Us Here

Between everyone in the Champs Chicken family and our delightful guests, we all know that Champs Chicken is the best fried chicken around. We understand how important chicken is to the American identity and what it takes to make the best chicken possible. Every bite needs to be packed with unforgettable flavor and served with impeccable and friendly service.

Our chicken is more than just food; it’s a staple of American tradition. An experience that delivers on the hospitality and togetherness shared by the barbeques and cookouts deep in this nation’s history. The success of Champs Chicken marks the continued success of a wholesome community that can bond over a delectable meal.

Come celebrate with us at your local Champs Chicken and enjoy some of the best fried chicken around. You won’t need to bother searching for the “best fried chicken near me” because we are probably right around the corner waiting to make your day.

How You Can Be a Part of Our Success

Entrepreneur Magazine has recognized Champs Chicken as one of the top food chicken franchises to own in the United States for the past several years. Champs Chicken is one of the industry’s fastest-growing foodservice programs in the United States. Our rapid growth can help you succeed. With our support, you can bring a Champs Chicken franchise into your store to bolster your business and satisfy your guests with high-quality food.

Champs Chicken has over 400 locations across the country and a professional marketing team that can help your business gain the recognition it needs to truly succeed. We offer multiple layers of support, ongoing staff training for your new foodservice program, and national buying power that will help you to optimize your profits.

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