Champs Chicken Recipes: Blast your tastebuds!

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Champs Chicken Recipes

Champs Chicken Recipes:

There’s nothing better than sharing a delicious meal with your family… That’s why Champs Chicken family boxes are the perfect family meal. These family boxes stuffed with tenders and sides are a great way to feed the whole family, but sometimes you may have a few tenders left over! We have you covered!

Check out these two awesome Champs Chicken recipes you can try tonight to keep on rockin’ your tastebuds with Champs!

Champs Chicken Wrap

Champs Chicken WrapWe love wraps, who doesn’t? This light, healthy leftover options is a great way to eat your Champs tenders or dippers. Chicken and ranch wrap coming right up!


  • Leftover Tenders/ Dippers
  • Lettuce, shredded as needed
  • Tomatoes, diced as needed
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese, as needed
  • Salt/Pepper, to taste
  • Tortilla Shells, as needed
  • Ranch Dressing, if desired


  1. Use leftover tenders/dippers and cut into bit size pieces.
  2. Add shredded cheddar cheese.
  3. Spread ranch dressing, or dressing of choice, on tortilla, add lettuce, tomato, cheese, chicken, and roll up.
  4. Cut in half and enjoy.

Champs Chicken Strip Croissant

Champs Chicken Strip CroissantSimple, quick and absolutely delicious… Creating a chicken strip croissant sandwich with Champs tenders is the perfect way to enjoy our tenders!


  • 1 Croissant
  • 2 Chicken Strips
  • Lettuce, as needed
  • Tomato, as needed


  1. Place two chicken strips on a croissant.
  2. Add lettuce and tomato as needed onto the croissant.

So next time you stop by your local Champs, be sure to grab a family box full of our delicious tenders! They are perfect for a family meal or served up in imaginative ways the next day – like these Champs Chicken recipes!

Hurry to your local Champs for our mouth-watering tenders!

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