Gearing Up for Your Football Tailgate

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Gearing Up for Your Football Tailgate

Have the Best Football Tailgate Around

Oh my… We’re literally giddy… It’s the most wonderful season of the year some would say. The season of agonizing defeat and unparalleled joy… The season where onside kicks and Hail Marys are as stressful as a root canal… It’s football season once again or as we like to call it, tailgate season. For your next football tailgate remember these easy tips to make your spot the envy of the parking lot!

5 Tips For the Ultimate Tailgate

5. Seating

Yes, it may seem simple, but having enough seats is key. Who wants to stand around for an entire day on pavement? Be sure to have enough seats for everyone so they are comfortable and will stick around to help you cheer on your team. Coolers, bag chairs, literal tailgates…etc. can fix your spot up right!

Gearing Up for Your Football Tailgate4. Shade

Another overlooked element of any tailgate, until it is needed, is shade. Having enough shade keeps the kiddos cool and everyone out of the sun (when they want to be). It also helps keep your food and drinks cooler. Trust me, go to a tailgate without any trees or tents on an asphalt parking lot for a September opener and see if you don’t roast!

3. Games

Everyone is a competitor so make your tailgate the ultimate game day destination with plenty of parking lot games. From cornhole (you’re talking to the 2X PFSbrands champion) to washers to horseshoes, they only build the atmosphere. These simple games can keep folks around during halftime or until the next game is on TV.

2. The Game

This is exactly what everyone says they are there for – the big game. Keep the atmosphere going strong with a TV or at least a radio to listen to the pregame, tunes, or other games going on in the league. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, have a tailgate without this (or if your TV goes out) and you will see people gravitate towards the nearest game update. Don’t be that guy. Make sure you have a backup!

1. Food, Food, Food

Now, this is what people really show up for, the food! From BBQ’d kabobs to fried chicken to every side imaginable, this is where it’s at! Be sure to have a few options for every palate. Don’t want to cook? Stop by your local Champs Chicken and grab a few family meals to feed the whole crew. Our family meals and catering trays are the perfect game day treats. Forget about cooking, let us make your party the high note of the season!


This football season, it’s time to have the best football tailgate in the lot or the best game party in town. Make sure these 5 are at the top of your list when you plan your party. Make sure there is plenty of seats and shade of everyone, have plenty to do between games, and rock their tastebuds with your food while you cheer your team onto another W this season!

Happy ‘gating!

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