Saucing Up Your Basketball Watch Party

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Saucing Up Your March Basketball Watch Party

Time to Become the MVP…

It’s March and it’s sheer basketball Madness! It’s that epic time of the year… The time when Cinderella goes to the ball with monumental upsets and the big, bad Goliath gets sent home… The time of the year when work slows down and you think and over-think that “perfect” bracket!

Saucing Up the Party!

So with college basketball causing sheer madness out there, make sure to be a hit at your game watching extravaganza with 3 mouthwatering foods!

Bring the Wings

Saucing Up Your March Basketball Watch Party

Who doesn’t love sauced wings at a game watching party? They are the perfect little morsels you constantly munch throughout the 3 hour emotional excursion. There is nothing better than grabbing a bunch of wings and a few drinks and showing up to be the life of the party… Champs Chicken has you covered!

From our Southern BBQ to Teriyaki to Orange Zing to plain, we have the flavors your taste buds are craving! You can’t pass up 12 sauced wings!

Sauced Tenders

Want to avoid bone-in chicken wings? Give our sauced tenders a try. These hand-breaded, marinated tenders are made fresh daily and then warm-sauced (with the above listed sauces) to lock in the juices while giving you unmistakable flavors. These are sure to be a party hit!

Pass out 12 sauced tenders to your friends and you will quickly become the MVP of the party.

Fried Pickles

Saucing Up Your March Basketball Watch Party

If you or your friends haven’t tried these… Well, then they are sure to quickly become one of your favorites! Like our tenders, these are double-breaded by hand and offer a zesty flavor that is a crowd pleaser! They have a nice balance of heat and sweet from the Homestyle pickle that pairs well with the breading and salty crunch. Do I have your attention yet?

That’s not all… When you dunk these bad boys into our Sassy Chipotle Ranch dipping sauce, the score board will light up! It’s nothing short of a slam dunk and your friends will love them!

You can grab 36 fried pickles with dipping cup for only $4.99…

It’s the steal of the tournament!

(At participating locations while this promotions last – until 4/22/17)

Hurry… Tip Off is Here!

The tournament is already here and there’s no time to waste. It’s time for a full-court press during your next March basketball watch party. From our sauced wings to tenders to our big fan favorite – fried pickles – stop by your local Champs today…

With Champs at your side, no matter how busted your bracket is, you will be the real winner! Happy watching!

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