Champs Chicken New Lexington, OH

Located Inside Bellstores - New Lexington

149 West Broadway St
New Lexington, OH, 43764

(740) 343-7062
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Double-breaded Fresh Daily!

Freshly fried chicken and your favorite mouth-watering comfort-food sides on-the-go! Fried chicken tenders and chicken dippers, fried fish, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, potato wedges, and more. Oh- and don't forget to give #theRealCHAMP a try! Our premium chicken sandwich can take down all the other chicken sandwiches around. Try it.

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About Champs Chicken

Champs Chicken is redefining quality and convenience by serving up the best fried chicken at convenient locations all across the United States. We've got the most mouth-watering, make-grandma-proud fried chicken in town. Tenders, dippers, chicken sandwiches and all the heart-warming make-your-insides-feel-good sides to go with it!

Stop in at a convenient location near you, order on our app, or look for us on your favorite delivery app. And, hey, make your friends happy and hit us up for your next party or group catering need, too!

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Customer Reviews

- One Very Happy Customer

"Champ's Chicken is fantastic! Take what you think you know about gas station chicken and throw it in the trash. This is some premium chicken!"

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