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Champs Chicken Be a Mealtime Hero Fried Chicken FranchiseChamps Chicken Be a Mealtime Hero Fried Chicken Franchise
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There’s Nothing Like Southern-Style Fried Chicken

If you crave fried chicken for lunch, dinner, or even to start off your day, you don’t want to waste time waiting for it. Our succulent chicken arrives on your plate fresh and piping hot so that guests can experience the true, delectable taste of this classic American staple. Anyone who knows chicken knows that it’s best served hot from the fryer.

Getting a plate of fresh, hot, and perfectly seasoned fried chicken is like getting a surprise hug you didn’t realize you needed. It’s that irresistible crunch and that glorious, gotta-have-it flavor that makes you feel the comfort, care, and tradition we put into every batch. We strive to keep customers happy by offering crave-worthy chicken tenders that hit the spot every time.


When it comes to quality, delicious chicken, look no further than Champs Chicken. We truly believe we have the best chicken in the world! Try it and see!


Champs Chicken makes it easy to grab a delicious comfort meal or snack when you are on the go. Stop by our locations for a quick fill me up the family will love!


We get it, you are swamped, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a warm, wholesome meal to serve to the family. Let us do the cooking, we’ve got you covered!

The Best Chicken Tenders Around

Our value meals, signature sides, and classic fried chicken meals don’t just offer guests a classic down-home experience. Whether you dine in or take your meal to go, we want to make sure you get a little extra love in every box. That’s why we season our chicken tenders with a top-secret mix of delicious spices to give each piece that perfect, well-rounded flavor along with the satisfying crunch that fried chicken lovers crave.

Our family meals are perfect for a casual night out, and there’s nothing like a plate of the best chicken tenders and our delicious dipping sauces during the big game. Whoever you’re with and whatever you’re celebrating, Champs Chicken wants to be there, feeding the excitement.

With hundreds of locations across the country, you won’t have to look too far to find your nearest Champs Chicken. So go on and get your fix. Don’t deny yourself the best chicken that your neighborhood has to offer. Make Champs Chicken your go-to location for crave-worthy, mind-melting goodness with each tender bite.

Champs Chicken Be a Mealtime Hero Chicken Dipper Bowl


Champs Chicken has teamed up with the Super Sam Foundation to fight childhood cancer. This pediatric cancer foundation is determined to fight for All the Kids. Less than 4% of the National Cancer Institutes’ funding supports our kids in the fight of their lives.

“To help All the Kids.”

Sam wanted nothing more than to take the pain away from All the Kids in their fight. He was always concerned for the kids around him, more than himself. It was his mindset that we are founded on today.

It was our final promise to Sam to fight for All the Kids. We will continue to fight by providing comfort, support, awareness and research to pediatric cancer.

– Cassie and Matt (Sam’s Parents)

Champs Chicken is joining the fight, are you in?

Champs Chicken Be a Mealtime Hero Wrapped SandwichesModern life isn’t easy, what with so much stress and so many demands on your time.  Preparing food for yourself and your family can sometimes seem like just one more difficulty in your day. While you enjoy spending quality time with your loved ones, sharing the highs and lows of your day over a delicious meal, you simply may not have the time and energy to slave over a hot stove just so your family can snatch the food and gobble it down while staring at their phones.

The good news is, you have the perfect mealtime partner in Champs Chicken, and our comfort food philosophy is all about crafting mouthwatering, homemade classics so you don’t have to. When you search for chicken places near me, you want quality and convenience, and you’ll get both with Champs Chicken. We help you become the mealtime hero!

Champs Chicken Be a Mealtime Hero Fried Chicken Franchise TendersHow do we guarantee the best fried chicken? We start with high-quality ingredients that serve as the basis for our delicious recipes. From there, we whip up our savory comfort foods with all the satisfying flavor you crave, along with a hearty dose of care. When you love what you do, it shows, and our treasured recipes are sure to become your favorites, as well.

The best chicken tenders are not only a joy to eat, but to cook, and we imbue all of our food with a dash of soul and a dollop of love. The end result is juicy, delectable chicken in a perfectly crispy, savory shell, not to mention a slew of mouthwatering side dishes designed to complement your preferred main dish. Food made with heart brings people together and makes you feel good. We take pride in crafting the meals that bring family and friends together.

When your tummy is rumbling and stress is wearing you down, don’t head for just any fried chicken near me – choose the comfort food that makes you feel warm and happy, inside and out. With Champs Chicken, you’ll not only enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal, but a sense of family and tradition that inspires you to put down your phone, set aside the worries of the day, and enjoy the company of loved ones. It helps you take back mealtime.

Champs Chicken Be a Mealtime Hero Chicken Dipper SnackYou don’t need a reason to spend time with those you love, but when you have a special occasion, you want to celebrate with a hearty meal that leaves everyone satisfied. Champs Chicken gladly provides all the comfort food you need, from delectable chicken tenders and shrimp, to savory sides that make your mouth water.

Whether you need to feed a lot of mouths at a family reunion or you’re planning a small picnic with friends, you can’t go wrong with Champs Chicken. Our juicy chicken tenders, encased in flavorful batter with just the right amount of crunch, are always a hit, especially when paired with our delightful range of dipping sauces. Add some of our famous potato wedges, creamy, dreamy mac and cheese, down-home green beans, and other sides, and you have a meal worthy of any crowd.

Got a birthday or anniversary coming up? Maybe you’re planning a potluck for family and friends. Not just any fried chicken near me will do. You want the best fried chicken, whether you’re having a casual dinner with the family or putting together a special celebration.

At Champs Chicken, we strive to offer something for every taste, with flavorful recipes sure to delight everyone in your group. From delicious chicken tenders and delectable fried shrimp, to a slew of complementary sides, we have something to please every customer and elevate any event.

Champs Chicken Be a Mealtime Hero Chicken Dippers SaucedThe reason it’s called “comfort food” is because it makes you feel good. Delicious flavors and hearty dishes satisfy your hunger, but there’s more to it – you also enjoy a sense of family, tradition, and community that brings people together and fulfills social and emotional needs, as well.

At Champs Chicken, we make the best chicken tenders not only because of our quality ingredients and mouthwatering recipes, but because of the care we put into every dish.  Connecting with our customers is about more than creating a scrumptious meal – it’s about offering an enjoyable and enriching experience.

Of course, it all starts with food to suit every taste. When you seek out chicken places near me, Champs Chicken delivers the famous chicken tenders and dippers, flavorful ChampStix, and crunchy fried shrimp you need to satisfy your hunger, along with your favorite sides, from crispy hush puppies and thick potato wedges, to creamy mashed potatoes and mac and cheese, to buttery corn and tangy collard greens.

Our homestyle menu caters to people from every walk of life, with something to dazzle every palate. The goodness of homemade recipes composed of quality ingredients is just what you need to satisfy your hunger and soothe your soul. We at Champs Chicken want to help you become a mealtime hero!



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