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The Best Chicken in Your Neighborhood, Period.

When lunchtime hits, the cravings start. You don’t want to order another sad, wilted take-out salad, and you’re not interested in spending a fortune on fancy fried foods that arrive cold and limp when they finally get to you. That’s where Champs Chicken can help.

We’ve been feeding the nation’s need for mouth-watering, fresh fried chicken for years, with hundreds of locations now open across the United States. For the past several years, Champs Chicken has been recognized by Entrepreneur Mag as a top food chicken franchise to own in the U.S.

There’s a reason why. We’re not just selling the best chicken in town, or even the best chicken in your state. We’re selling a national pastime. Fried chicken is as American as apple pie. It’s a food whose history and heritage is baked into this country’s background. It also happens to be one of the most delicious foods out there, loved by cultures all across the world and by people from all walks of life. When fried chicken is truly delicious, it can do something magical: it can bring people together and remind them of home.

Best Chicken, Champs Chicken Be a Mealtime Hero Frying Tenders
Champs Chicken Be a Mealtime Hero Frying Tenders

Quality and Care in Every Bite

We know how important it is to serve chicken that will have you craving it for days afterward. That’s why we’re committed to serving a consistent, high-quality product that chicken lovers across the country can love, no matter where they come from. Not only that but at Champs Chicken, we try to incorporate the famous hospitality that fried chicken lovers are used to getting at their favorite spots back home. We’re committed to giving you warm, friendly service, and delicious chicken that will have you fantasizing about your next Champs Chicken run as soon as you’ve finished your meal. That’s the kind of quality we stand for.

It’s not enough for us to promise on taste and quality without delivering. As a rapidly-growing business, we want to take the matter of fried chicken to the next level. Thanks to popular shows like “Chicken Watch” and “Ugly Delicious,” Americans are experiencing a fried chicken renaissance. Not only is it one of our country’s most classic native dishes, it’s a food that’s become synonymous with comfort, craving, and most importantly, togetherness.


There’s Nothing Like Southern-Style Fried Chicken
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