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At Champs Chicken, we’re best known for our premium chicken meals, especially our crispy, mouth watering fried chicken.  What you may not know is that we’re committed to more than just delivering the delectable chicken you crave.

At our core, the team at Champs Chicken wants to add convenience to our customers’ everyday lives with delicious, filling, high-quality food.  However, we knew we could do more to give back to the communities that support us.

Our Mealtime Hero program is about more than feeding hungry families.  In partnership with the Super Sam Foundation, we’re working to raise awareness about childhood cancer and raise funding for families facing these terrifying diseases.

What is the Super Sam Foundation?  What can you do to support efforts to fight childhood cancer?  Why is September a good time to join the fight?  Here’s everything you need to know.

The Super Sam Foundation

The Super Sam Foundation is a pediatric cancer foundation started by Cassie and Matt, who lost their son, Sam, to Rhabdomyosarcoma.  Sam wanted to know why so many kids suffered with and died from cancer, and his parents told him it was because of a lack of funding, with only 4% of research funds going toward learning more about childhood cancers.  Sam’s parents promised to continue fighting for “all the kids”, and the Super Sam Foundation is their answer.

Each year, the foundation tries to fund at least one research grant, but understanding the struggle children and their families face when dealing with cancer, they also allocate a portion of funding to create support packs that are sent to children fighting cancer, their siblings, and their caregivers.  These packs contain items intended to comfort recipients, as well as provide for practical needs.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is the perfect time to contribute to the Super Sam Foundation, as it is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  In the course of a single year, over 15,000 children age 1-19 will be diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer in the U.S. alone.  Sadly, 20% of children who receive a cancer diagnosis will not survive.  This is why funding into research and a cure is so desperately needed, and this September, you can help by spreading awareness and participating in fundraising efforts.

Get Involved with the Champs Chicken Mealtime Hero Program

Champs Chicken and PFSbrands proudly support the efforts of the Super Sam Foundation, a non-profit organization from our home state of Missouri.  We encourage all of our patrons to get involved and donate, and we make it easy.  All you have to do is look for the “text to donate” advertising featured on our signage, our packaging, and in our marketing campaigns.  We also encourage our locations to host their own fundraising events, so don’t hesitate to ask if your local Champs Chicken is involved in additional efforts to support the Super Sam Foundation or local families struggling with childhood cancer.

Says Shawn Burcham, CEO and founder of PFSbrands, “With less than 4% of all research dollars given to pediatric cancers, we hope to bring even more visibility to this underserved cause and help fund this major gap in pediatric cancer research.”  You can help, too.  Visit your local Champs Chicken to find out how you can not only be a Mealtime Hero with tasty food for your family, but with funding to help other families fight childhood cancer.

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