Grab & Go: A Contact-Free Fast Food Solution During COVID-19

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Grab & Go: A Contact-Free Fast Food Solution During COVID-19

Every retailer and food operator in America would like to get past the negative business impacts of the novel coronavirus. They want consumers to feel confident about returning to their stores and buying their merchandise. Unfortunately, the daily news about the spread of COVID-19 is a mixed bag; and it may be a little time before things are back to normal.

For now, there are things your store can do to limit the spread of the virus and still serve your walk-in clientele. The Champs Chicken Grab & Go program is a good way to provide quick and delicious food items to on-the-go customers, with minimal to no personal contact involved. Let’s consider how it works.

Grab & Go Basics

Our Grab & Go program is a turnkey, in-store franchise program for marketing quality fast food items. A variety of Grab & Go options, with foods like chicken tenders, dippers, sandwiches and a menu of breakfast choices, are stocked in a self-service merchandiser/warmer for easy customer selection. Grab & Go can be an all-day food service that boosts revenue for your store.


We provide the food, you provide the hands. In your kitchen area, Grab & Go items are easy for your staff to prepare in one of our spacious commercial ovens or fryers and place in our handy packaging. Of course, you’ll want to require your employees to observe COVID-19 best practices for food preparation. But the process itself couldn’t be simpler, and it’s all done far away from your customers.

Stocking the Merchandiser/Warmer

Champs Chicken offers Grab & Go warmers in three configurations, with a bundle of accessories and marketing materials included. The handling required for stocking the warmer is limited. In fact, some retailers have a single employee maintaining their displayed supply of Grab & Go foods, with no customer contact required.

Card Payment/Self-Checkout

In most retail situations these days, a card terminal or self-checkout option eliminates the need for cash to change hands, or for any personal touch whatsoever. As long as you’re responsibly sanitizing your check-out area, you’re contact-free again!

Grab & Go Builds Customer Confidence

Your customers will enjoy the convenience of the quality comfort foods your store provides with Grab & Go. But there’s also something else on their minds. They may not think about it explicitly as they go about their business day to day, but they know the virus is out there. It’s a real thing. They may view it as a threat or just an annoyance, but everywhere they go they are reminded about social distancing. For the moment, we’re all being instructed to give each other a wide berth.

When your store provides your customers with a contact-free way to pick up warm food, you’re helping to accommodate their need to observe the COVID-19 “rules,” and also helping to reduce a mini-stressor unique to this uncertain time. We’re not saying that the Grab & Go program is a cure for anything, but it is a way to offer an easy, pleasant, satisfying option to your customers, while increasing revenue for your store.

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